The 5 Biggest Esports Rivalries of All Time

Contrary to popular misconception, the world of esports is a competitive one. Players, teams, and organizations are all vying for their share of the spotlight and prestige. And when it comes to rivalries in this area, there's no shortage of them.

From historic grudge matches to fierce competitions between titans of their respective games, esports has seen its share of heated rivalries over the years. But which ones have been the most memorable? Which ones have defined esports as we know it today? In this article, we will discuss the most iconic matchups and their massive influence on the cybersports industry.

FaZe vs OpTic in Call of Duty

FaZe Clan and Optic Gaming are two of the most well-known esports organizations in the Call of Duty community. The two teams have been competing for years, and their rivalry is one of the most intense in the game. In fact, this rivalry is so fierce that FaZe Clan and Optic Gaming have been at each other's throats since the beginning of their careers. And these two squads show no signs of stopping anytime soon.

NaVi vs Alliance in Dota 2

NaVi and Alliance are two of the top esports teams in Dota 2, and they've been battling it out for years. While many esports fans are familiar with the rivalry between these two teams, there are some things you might not know about how they got started – and how their rivalry has continued to develop.

The roots of NaVi vs Alliance run deep. The two teams first played against each other in 2012, when Alliance was still known as No Tidehunter. Both teams were competing for a spot in The International 3, an annual tournament held by Valve Corporation (the creator of Dota 2). NaVi won that match handily, but Alliance went on to win TI3 later that year. Since then, the two teams have continued to play against each other at the most respected tournaments around the globe.

Armada and Mang0 in Super Smash Bros. Melee

Fans of the game know these two have a long-standing rivalry that has spanned over a decade. But why is that so?

The answer is simple: Armada and Mang0 are both from Sweden, and they both started playing Super Smash Bros. Melee around the same time. They met in 2006 at a tournament in Gothenburg, where they played each other for the first time. They have competed against one another at nearly every major tournament that has taken place since then, with each of them taking turns winning or losing.

Daigo vs Justin in Street Fighter

In the early 2000s, when Daigo was still a teenager, Justin was considered the best Street Fighter player in the world. He defeated Daigo at Evolution 2004, which was seen as a major upset because Justin had never beaten Daigo before that point.

Daigo's response was to practice even more hours per day than he had before. He became known as "The Beast" for his intense training regime and ability to defeat Justin at Evo 2005. After that, Daigo continued to top many tournaments while Justin continued to be a top competitor but not quite as dominant as he once was.

Flash vs Jaedong in Starcraft

Flash and Jaedong were two of the most influential players in Starcraft's history. They were both among the first to play in televised matches and helped to define the way that the game was played.

Jaedong was known for his hyper-aggressive playstyle, while Flash relied on a more defensive strategy. Their approaches to the game helped shape each other's styles and make them better players over time.

The two players faced off against each other many times during their careers, but one of their most famous matches took place at the 2009 Bacchus Starleague Season 1 final. Most fans consider this game to be one of the greatest Starcraft matches of all time.

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