Stretch Network launches three new features

Stretch Network has launched three new features. These features are designed to elevate the gaming experience and immerse poker enthusiasts in a world of intense competition, creative campaigns, and expressive interactions. The features include Automated Leaderboards, Throwable Emojis, and a Banner Management System.

Automated Leaderboards

The purpose of creating leaderboard functionality in Stretch network’s platform is multifaceted and serves several important objectives, including competition and engagement, retention and player involvement, and promotional value.

Throwable Emojis

The purpose of throwable emojis in poker is to enhance social interaction and communication between players during online gameplay.

Banner Management System

Banner Management System allows Stretch Network’s BO users to create, manage, and search for banners to be displayed on the Stretch Network’s channels. The system provides functionalities to streamline the banner creation process and ensure effective banner management.

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