Softswiss implements artificial intelligence for design work

The approach enables clients’ projects to stand out from the conventional online casino design templates.

The designers’ AI expertise enables them to produce striking pictures quickly. Due to their distinctiveness and brand-style conformity, designs created using AI stand out by their benefits for customers and online casino players, providing designers more time to focus on the user-friendly interface.

Because of the improved user interfaces and captivating graphics, player acquisition and engagement rates rise. Further, the customer can now choose from a variety of design possibilities.

The AI-created image is then improved by designers in a variety of ways including elements and details, image quality, dimensions and colours.

Olga Ivanchik, Head of WebStudio, said: “Artificial Intelligence in design is only an auxiliary tool, an additional step to enable more freedom in creative work. Furthermore, new possibilities opened with AI-inspired designers who are motivated to improve their skills with innovative tools.

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