Shako Shiukashvili About Crypto Gambling Marketing These Days

Shako Shiukashvili, Chief Marketing Officer at Wintomato, has shared his views on the future of gambling marketing. Shiukashvili has also told the GBC Time readers about the particularities of the crypto gambling promotion these days.

Despite the fact that crypto gambling is becoming more and more popular, in a global sense, crypto gambling is still treated with caution. What tasks do marketers face to make crypto gambling inviting and safe for players?

Yes, crypto gambling is rapidly gaining popularity among gamblers. Crypto casinos give players flexibility, convenience, and creative service opportunities, which makes the crypto perspective brighter. On the other hand, some players approach crypto with caution as the gaming culture is a little bit different here and generally, crypto is conceived as riskier compared to fiat currencies and the attitude is shared towards crypto casinos as well.

How not to cross the line and make the crypto gambling marketing strategy inviting to players, but at the same time not become the cause of problem gambling?

According to recent studies, 26% of the world's population is interested in gambling. Let’s agree the rate is attractive from the business perspective. One of the main missions is to provide gambling for fun to players. And even more importantly, carefully follow ethical gambling standards and try to keep players safe and not cross the lines.

Do you think that the marketing approach to crypto gaming and traditional online gambling differs? What are the top differences between marketing tools for crypto and online gambling?

There is a really huge difference between fiat and crypto players. Based on our experience, crypto gamblers have extensive knowledge of financial instruments which reflect gambling behavior. However, both types of users play for entertainment and the love of gambling is probably the same, but there are still differences in marketing incentives, favorite games, and gambling strategies.

Have you noticed the most effective marketing strategies for promoting crypto gaming?

The start for effective marketing strategy begins with the perfect product, which makes the users excited. If the user is excited, they become your marketing ambassadors and contribute to the social marketing process. However, it is still important to put special attention to affiliate network partners and social influences as they are the most effective and at the same time measurable marketing channels. Besides investments in the customers giving them contest rewards, VIP gifts, and unexpected rewards is another effective way to promote gambling products.

Gambling ads often become some sort of a problem for social media giants, which entails prohibitions and various restrictions. What social networks do you think are the most suitable for crypto gambling these days?

The advertising restriction is definitely a big obstacle for gambling companies however this also makes the teams strong and forces them to strive in big competition complexity. Such restrictions constantly implement new creative ideas and make the products more customer oriented. It is also essentially important to consequentiality follow responsible gambling standards.

In your view, what will be the top marketing channels for crypto gambling in 2023?

In my opinion, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and free live streaming channels like Twitch and DLive platforms are the current top.

What do you expect to face in crypto gambling marketing in the nearest future?

The trend is rapidly growing, the market is growing along with the competition and creative challenges. I expect an expansion of gambling habits and gaming categories as this is the field where gambling providers can find niche competitive advantages.

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