Habanero acquires ISO-27001 accreditation

Habanero has been certified for ISO-27001 as it sets its sights on expansion into regulated markets.

Ensuring ease of recurring audit activities, ISO enables Habanero to provide a portfolio of certified products to a slew of new markets that require the certificate as part of their respective regulatory measures.

A testament to Habanero’s commitment to adhering to all the latest regulations and legislative developments, the provider underwent a series of rigorous checks before being granted its new status.

Pivotal for upholding its reputation, the certification provides optimal security measures and minimises threats for both existing and new markets.

As the provider looks to expand its reach into new regions across the regulated European market such as Greece and Switzerland, the ISO-27001 ensures that processes and efficiency are enhanced.

Commenting on the license, Arcangelo Lonoce, head of business development, said: “Adding a further layer of protection to our products, the ISO-27001 certificate marks an important milestone for all leading providers in terms of IT governance, security protection and brand reputation.

“Being compliant and embracing the regulation ensures the safest and most efficient operations for both our partners and players as we continuously strive to provide the best service to our customers.”

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