BetMGM Files Motion in Antar Case Claiming Allegations Are Far-Fetched

In its motion submitted to the New Jersey Superior Court, BetMGM urges the court to dismiss the lawsuit against the company filed by Sam A. Antar in September.

BetMGM Submits Motion in Antar Lawsuit

SBC Americas reported on details around BetMGM’s motion filed in connection with the lawsuit against the company submitted by gambling addict Sam A. Antar alleging that BetMGM deprived him of winnings due to a glitch in one of BetMGM’s mobile applications.

BetMGM highlighted Antar’s criminal past and suggested that the plaintiff submitted the lawsuit against BetMGM, filled with untrue representations because he wants to acquire funds to cover his debts resulting from the sentence in connection with his fraudulent Ponzi scheme.  

Overall, the BetMGM motion portrayed Antar as a desperate fraudster who is trying to squeeze the company out of money based on frivolous allegations, which are far-fetched and could not be further from the truth.

According to previous legal proceedings, Antar has conned several victims out of significant funds and has used the money on gambling.

In its motion, BetMGM dissected and disputed all of the claims made by Antar. However, the most important point the company made was that Antar’s lawsuit should be an arbitration case as when Antar created his BetMGM account he agreed to their Terms and Conditions.

Additionally, BetMGM further discussed Antar’s statements showing that the company is convinced his allegations do not come up to judicial standards.

Sam A. Antar submitted his lawsuit against BetMGM in September. He accused the company of attempting to hide the constant disruptions with its mobile app by offering considerable bonuses to him and, thus, further fueling his gambling addiction.

Antar claimed that he got disconnected about every 30 minutes. This happened very often during winning streaks so it led to him losing money. His claims also suggest that he reported the issue many times but BetMGM did not want to stop offering the problematic game as it was bringing in a lot of revenue.

Furthermore, Antar alleges in his lawsuit that BetMGM tried to keep him from reporting the issues with the game to the regulator by offering him generous bonuses.

Antar supported his claims with a wide range of screenshots and communications with BetMGM’s customer service.

Antar has two criminal sentences behind his back. In 2013, he was sent to prison for almost 2 years after running away with $225,000. In 2019, he also pleaded guilty to operating a fraudulent investment scheme. All funds he acquired through these criminal activities he used to gamble.

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